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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should I do before my appointment? 

Before your appointment, make sure you've had a full meal as well as bring a drink to keep you hydrated during your session. For longer sessions, be sure to bring snacks and/or a lunch to have throughout the day. Moisturizing the area of where your tattoo will be a few days prior to the appointment will help the application of the tattoo for the artist.


Q. How should I dress before my appointment? 

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing when coming for your appointment. Be aware the choice of clothing should allow your artist easy access to the tattoo placement/area on your body. 


Q. What is the deposit policy?

Our artists require a $100-300 + tax deposit in order to make an appointment. This amount will be taken off the total of your tattoo. If the design has already been made/drawn up and you decide not to go ahead with the appointment, the deposit will be considered a design fee. (Please talk to your artist for more information on this policy) 


Q. What is the shop minimum for a tattoo?

Our shop minimum is $150 + tax. This price includes the basic set for a station (one-use disposable needles, tattoo inks, sanitary wraps, etc) as well as for the artist's time and work that goes into a tattoo. 


Q. What type of payment methods do you accept?

Ask your artist first what their preferred payment methods are. We generally accept e-transfers, debit/credit as well as cash.


Q. Do you have parking?

There is paid street parking along Dundas St W. as well as free side street parking nearby.


Q. Do you do walk-ins?

We are currently are accepting walk-ins, but please call in advanced or send us an email to see our availabilities. 

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